January 5, 2016


Hey guys!


First I want to apologize.  Profusely.  Why you ask? For not posting? Yes that.  But also, I didn't finish the stuff on my list of 100.  Yeah I know.  Shame on me.  Dishonor on me, my family, and my cow.  Whatever.  Why did I not finish it? Several reasons.  First and foremost, procrastination.  Sometimes I feel completely unmotivated to do things, and would rather not take any effort to do things, even if they would be fun.   Let's just say, that in order to have finished all the stuff on my list, I would have had to be super motivated and do stuff about once every three days or do lots of stuff on the same day.  Which didn't happen. Again, I'm sorry, and now you guys can be super disappointed in me.  *sheepish grin*

So now that 2016 has come along, I have some New Year's Resolutions involving this blog.  First of all, I hope to finish the list of 100, maybe.  Or cross some more things off of it....maybe it'll end up being a mini bucket list, or 100 things to do before I'm 20.  Anyway, I'll work on it.  And I will blog about the list of 100 things I have already done but didn't post about because I have a busy life.

And finally, I hope to post on this blog once a week.  Just a once a week randomness/ look into my life/whatever I feel like talking about.  :) (This would be in addition to the leftover list of 100 posts.)  This is a goal right now, and at the moment, I don't know how entirely possible that will be, but I VERY much hope to blog weekly.  Hopefully it'll be more than just once a week later in the year.

Anyway I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas on this, the 12th day of Christmas.  (I'm not late, haha!)   I hope that 2016 is flippin' fabulous for all of you!! ;)


*awkward laugh*