September 8, 2015

#18, #79, and #56

Hey guys! Sorry for being lame.  I haven't posted in over two months. Well that is changing now.  I shall attempt to sum up and blog about a whole bunch of random stuff that has happened since the last few blog posts.  It will happen in several different posts, because I'm a busy gal.  I'm sure you're all dying to hear how the whole "List of 100" has been going, so here we go.  ;)

#18-Go to at least 2 (at least semi)-formal dances.  Well on April 24th, I went to one! Yay!

Yes, my senior formal came upon us.  Yes, I took an insane amount of time to get ready;I'm a girl for crying out loud :D.  Yes, there was tons of hairspray and bobby-pins involved.

Selfies from getting ready.  Yay older sister for being awesome at hair-dos! #winning

Then off to the dance! I danced with lots of guys, and danced spectacularly to the line dances.  Well depends on your definition of spectacular ;) Hahaha but I had a fun time.

Me with one of my new friends, Felicity.  And me with one of my best friends since childhood, Molly.  :) And now for two more pictures.  They are both family pictures of me and my mother and siblings (long story) but the first one is more realistic.  ;)

This one cracks me up! Those dudes...

         The pictures are not cooperating, sorry.  Anyway, after the dance, my friend Eva had prepared a fabulous ceremony! We went over to a different building and she gave me a lovely purple flower  and gave a wonderful speech! It was the perfect ending to wonderful night!

<-----A "full-length" picture in my awesome purple dress!  (It was really spinny!) 

The purple flower in my hair (aka a good picture of my completed hairstyle)------->

#79 Go to the movies with friends: I watched Age of Ultron on May 2 with a lot of people, some who I didn't even know, but I got to hang out with friends I don't see very often.  #YAY #soawesome #newmovies

And for the last one for today.  #56-Blow out all 18 candles in one breath.  Guess what, I DID IT! Being a singer and learning how to use your diaphragm correctly really pays off.  ;) So on my actual birthday I didn't have cake.  :P I don't even remember what I had, but I think it was cookies and ice cream.  And sadly I didn't really hang out with my friends on my birthday... (goodbye #57) But I watched The Avengers(first one) with my sister and my dad, and R and I took selfies.  ;)

But on May 17th, we had family over and I had a cake. 

<--- Le me with 18-candle-lighted-cake.  And when the time came, I blew out all of them.  It's a strange thing to be proud of. 
Now in case you were wondering how many "list of 100" I have actually done, I won't tell you because it's a pathetic number.  :P But being the procrastinator I am, I will probably finish most of them by the end of 2015.  And if not, I'll try to finish the list next year.  ;) Well farewell for now.


Also, how is it september already? Summer was gone much too fast.....