April 17, 2015


Guys, bowling is really fun.  It just is.  As of yesterday, I had only bowled like two times for real, (I am a pretty good Wii bowler....;)  and I was younger so it wasn't a whole lot of fun.  BUT! Last night, after my sister got confirmed(which was really super awesome...,) my mom and my three sisters and I went to this bowling place with some of our friends.  It was really fun.  Even though I suck at bowling. (; Like seriously.  My ten-year-old sister beat me.  But at least I was having fun.  And there was good music and then crazy awesome disco lights.... :D And now i want to go bowling again! Maybe I should add that to the list of 100.... #listof101 (;
I'm such a party animal... (;


P.S. Watching our parish priest bowling was the best thing ever.  Especially when the disco lights came on. He hadn't bowled since college!  #Catholicfangirling (;

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