April 17, 2015


Guys, bowling is really fun.  It just is.  As of yesterday, I had only bowled like two times for real, (I am a pretty good Wii bowler....;)  and I was younger so it wasn't a whole lot of fun.  BUT! Last night, after my sister got confirmed(which was really super awesome...,) my mom and my three sisters and I went to this bowling place with some of our friends.  It was really fun.  Even though I suck at bowling. (; Like seriously.  My ten-year-old sister beat me.  But at least I was having fun.  And there was good music and then crazy awesome disco lights.... :D And now i want to go bowling again! Maybe I should add that to the list of 100.... #listof101 (;
I'm such a party animal... (;


P.S. Watching our parish priest bowling was the best thing ever.  Especially when the disco lights came on. He hadn't bowled since college!  #Catholicfangirling (;

April 4, 2015


Hey! I'm back to the blogging world!  First of all, I'm sorry, because this blog-post's title is deceiving.  This post is not about ketchup.  In fact, I don't even like ketchup.  This post is merely a "catch-up" post.  (see where I got ketchup? ;)  I'm catching you up on some stuff that has happened in my life. 

I'll go back to the weekend of Valentine's Day, cuz that's when my last post was.  On February 13th, (my little brother's 2nd birthday btw,) I left for a retreat and I didn't get back until late Monday night.  This retreat was really awesome and much-needed.  I always seem to go to retreats and other such places right when I need a boost in the spiritual life.  ;D This retreat is in the middle of nowhere US, and it was an ALL GIRLS retreat.  Yep. That's right. No guys for like three days.  Except priests.  (and technically there were other guys at Mass but there were there for something else so no interaction.)  Lol, on the way to the retreat, me and the other three ladies in the vehicle ate almost an entire bag of kettle corn.  So on my Valentine's Day, there was a bunch of pretty snow, I got to do a ton of adoration and I got a rose from Jesus.  I met some new friends, and I got to hang out with my friends from home too. Much awesomeness.
 Having fun in the Kateri* room before a talk!  (*They pronounced it Cat-err-e. It annoyed us.)
 The chapel there is absolutely beautiful! It was really neat to go in for adoration there when it was completely silent and almost empty and the sun was shining through the stained-glass windows...A little taste of heaven.  On Monday aftternoon, it was time to go home.  

  A few pictures before we left.  {From L to R, top to bottom)  Me and Lydia, me and Emma, Gabriel (the boys came to get us), me and Lydia, and Emma and our new friend Mary.} And the way back home was very eventful.  It was snowing and the windshield wiper flew off the car, there was a whole lot of traffic which is why it took us almost twice as long to get home as normal, and I watched  most of "Guardians of The Galaxy."  I still haven't watched the rest of it.   And then I came back to find out that my family had been sick while I was gone, so luckily I didn't have to deal with that.  It was a lovely weekend.  #1 of my list of 100 completed! 
     Then, the next weekend, I went to this really awesome women's conference.  There was Mass, speakers, adoration, nuns, food... ;)We almost didn't go, because there was so much snow, but we braved the storm!! All our friends were suprised.  ;)  One of the speakers was this really cool guy named Dr.Edward Sri.  My sister and I bought one of his books, he was so good! :3 I wish I could go into detail about his talk, but i would probably ramble and then this post would be reeeaaaalllllyyyy long; just take my word, he was a really great speaker.  Then there were some nuns there and some of them were from the same order as Saint Faustina! With the funky veil and everything.  I think they were legitly polish. 
    The next weekend...I saw some of my friends Irish dance in a show! They are really good. I know a lot of people who irish dance.  It's very fascinating.

Kay, now March.  I went to see the new Cinderella movie in theaters with a friend who was back from college and some other friends.  I reallllyyy liked it. :) There is a picture of us at the theater, but it's on facebook and I can't go on there right now.  #lent #holyweek    Then the next day, I had a meeting to put together a yearbook for our co-op, and then I went to this awesome thing called Encounter.  It's like adoration and singing and talks and there's confession, and also socializing and happiness.  Like a mini retreat.  It's awesome. 

Ohh, ohhh ohhh! And also in March, I got some senior pictures taken!!! They're so cool!!  Everybody says I'm photogenic, but I don't feel photogenic when I get pictures taken.  I'll post a few on here.  Also, right now there's one on the blog, but it won't be there forever. 

And also in March, I went to a swing dance because swing dancing is awesome and also my friends were there.  :) Happiness.

And now it's the very end of Holy Week and tomorrow is Easter! A-e-u-a! Easter is the biggest church holiday.  Very much happiness and joyousness Have a very blessed Easter!