February 12, 2015

Of Valentine's Day

Hey guys! So I'll be gone for the entire weekend starting tomorrow so I thought I should post this early.  Umm I don't really have that much to say about Valentine's day except I have a poem that I wrote about Valentine's day a year and a half ago.  And some memes/picture things.  So yeah enjoy :)

I wrote this poem for a literature class because we had to write a satire.  I am rather proud of it.  Mostly.  Let me know if you like it :) 

Valentine's Day Satire

Of all the holidays throughout the year
The day of Valentine is much revered.
Valentine's Day can be enjoyed by all
Each individual will be enthralled.  
The Romeos armed with card and bouquet
Try to please their Juliets on this day.
Love is the theme when February's near
On the fourteenth all couples have good cheer.
The shops are filled with cards of white and red
Delicious cakes and sweets around are spread.
Romeo gives treats so she's not upset,
He loves a slightly wider Juliet.
Arrays of flowers in red, white and pink
And bottles of champagne for all to drink.
Juliet's flowers only last a week
His wallet shrinks; he's on a losing streak.
Beautiful jewels and diamond rings shine bright
They are so nice at the very first sight.
Juliet sees one and begins to gawk
Romeo sighs and buys his girl a rock.
Parting from this day brings such sweet sorrow.
Romeo needs some cash for tomorrow
And although each Juliet loves this day,
The Romeos do not want it to stay


 When i saw this, I was like Whaaaaatt???? But then I scrolled down and I was like Ohhhhhh.   

Like seriously? Where did that come from? *sighs*

I really love this :). It really puts things in perspective.  So have a very nice valentine's day.  :) Bye!

~Jessi <3