January 29, 2015

List of 100

CAUTION: This post is pretty long and was written when the author was tired from a long day.  The author tends to ramble when she is tired so keep that in mind.  Yeah okay.  End CAUTION.  

Hello people.  Happy 29th day of January.  It's also national puzzle day and national corn-chip day.  Yeah.  So anyway, this year I decided to make a list of random and awesome things to do in 2015.  It's like a bucket list  for one year.  But these are not impossible things for me like go skydiving or go to Europe or whatever.  These are things that could actually happen fairly easily if I actually try to do them.  And some of them are cheating because I know I will do them and they're already planned so I'll just go to them.  So now I will post all these ideas as  the rest of the blog post.  I plan to come up with 100 things but I don't have all of them but by the time I post this I will have finished it.  Even if I have to sit here at the computer for three hours.  ;) lol jk.  But I'll try to finish it.  I may take a hot-chocolate break though.  Seeing as this is 100 things, I will not be offended if you don't read all of them.  It's just for me to remember and then when I blog post about all of them, it will make sense.  BTW, they are in no particular order except mostly the order I thought of them in.  ;)  So without further ado, I bring to thee the list of 100.  :D

1.  Go to a retreat.   ~I'm actually going to one over Valentine's Day weekend.  :)
2.  Dress like I'm from the 1950's for a week.  ~It's my favorite time period so this is me fangirling over the style of the 50's... 
3.  Do manly things.  ~I'd prefer not to expand on this one but yeah.....
4.  Write a song for the piano.  ~I really love playing the piano but I'm bad at making up stuff/improv so this is an attempt to improve my talent.
5.  Write 3 short stories.  ~Short stories are actually harder to write than long stories for me.  All of my ideas are too in depth to be short stories.
6.  Read a 1,000+ page book.  ~This won't be too hard as my sister owns like five.
7.  Make a scrapbook for 2015.  ~So I can remember all the fun things I do this year.  This would be especially awesome to have if I go far away for college.
8.  Crochet a scarf and hat.  ~My crocheting abilities are meh but actually a friend taught me a new stitch today...
9.  Get a job.  ~Maybe at a yogurt place ;) ....This will only make sense to a few people  #dreams
10.  Have a LOTR movie marathon.  ~How awesome would this be?? Anybody want to come over?  Obviously we'd watch the extended edition.
11. Pet and hold a live gray bunny.  Or pet an owl.  ~This is me being weird.  But gray bunnies are the cutest.  And owls are awesome.
12.  Be the lead female role in a play.  ~This one is cheating because I got the lead female role for our drama's production.  Come see Get Smart in the early summer!! ;)
13.  Ride a Ferris wheel.  ~They are awesome.
14.  Finish High School.  ~I'm a senior, so this is happening but it's on the list anyway.
15.  Get my driver's license.  ~Honestly I'm nervous about this.  I feel like somebody needs to give me a pep talk about this... :P
16.  Make and bake a gingerbread house.  ~I have never made gingerbread, but I would settle for gingerbread men instead of a house.
17.  Superclean/Organize the house before my graduation party.  ~I actually like to clean because it makes everything...well...clean.  I'm a clean freak.
18.  Go to two semi-formal or formal dances.  ~I'm going to at least one....
19.  Go Ice Skating! ~This is super fun but I'd prefer to do it outside and not an indoor skating rink.
20.  Go to college.  ~Nuff said.
21. Meet 3-5 new friends.  ~Perhaps I should up this number because I've already met like two.
22.  Pull an all-nighter.  ~Stay up for 24 hours.  Anybody want to try and keep me awake?
23.  Paint my room.  ~It's white and boring.
24.  Ride a ride that costs extra money at this amusement park close to my house.  ~I'm keeping this one pretty vague because the people that read this blog that I don't personally know could look up the amusement park and it might be easier to find me.  #creepers
25.  Go bird-watching. ~I watched this bird movie once with a really good friend of mine and now I want to go bird-watching.  Call be a bird-brain, whatever..... ;)
26.  Go to the beach.  ~My dad and some of my family might go to Florida later this year, but if we don't then I won't be able to do this one....
27.  Increase my owl collection.  ~Yes I have a collection of owl things.  If I don't get married I'll be the crazy owl lady instead of cats... ;)
28.  Buy white-out.  ~This seems weird but you can't actually but white-out until you're 18.  At least that's what I heard.
29.  Learn how to play a new game.  ~I was thinking board game but any game will work.
30.  Watch a whole bunch of the old Disney movies.  ~Like The Lion King, The Sword in the Stone, Sleeping Beauty....etc.
31.  Meet a Religious sister.  ~I think it would be totally cool.
32.  Go to two concerts and bring a friend.  ~I have friends that haven't really been to concerts so I'll drag them along with me. 
33.  Drink sparkling cider.  ~It's sooo good and I only had it once last year...
34.  Take a whole bunch of pictures in 2015.  ~I normally don't take too many pictures but I want to take more and I want pictures of stuff this year.  I really like pictures.
35.  Make homemade apple cider.  ~Apple cider is the best hot drink.  I don't care if you are appalled at that statement.  It is.
36.  Go to a professional baseball game.  ~ Another cheater cuz my dad has tickets to one in 2015 and I'm going.
37.   Use at least three containers of bubbles over the summer.  ~I was once named the bubble queen.  Bubbles are happy.
38.  Get a new stuffed animal.  ~Nobody is too old for a new stuffed animal.  Although I will think of a decent name.  I'm kind of embarrassed about the names of the stuffed animals I own.
39.  Go Bowling.  ~I actually won a real bowling game once....
40.  Dip-dye my hair with Kool-Aid.  ~Apparently this works.
41.  Do a sharpie tattoo.  ~You can sharpie on your self and do something to it so it lasts a couple weeks.
42.  Use awesome vocabulary.  ~Wouldn't it be cool if people used words like voluminous and inconspicuous? I tend to like words that end in "ous."
43.  Be braver.  ~I always think of things that I can say but decide not to say them but it would have been cool to say them...yeah there's more I could say about this but I won't :)
44.  Wake-up for 2015.  ~This makes no sense unless you read my sister's blog: http://fearlesscollision.blogspot.com/2015/01/sleeping-with-enemy-how-to-wake-up-for.html   Also all the rest of the blog-posts on her blog are spot-on.  I recommend them. 
45.  Dance in the rain.  ~I really love rain.  :)
46.  Get used to the sound of my voice :P  ~I really hate listening to my voice over recordings.  It makes me cringe.
47.  Learn how to play chess.  ~I literally don't even know.  I think I can name all the pieces though....
48.  Ride in a boat.  ~Like a boat with a motor.  But a rowboat would be fun too.
49.  Eat cotton candy.  ~I can't remember the last time I ate it.  It's kinda fun.
50.  Tie-dye a t-shirt.  ~I've never done it.


51.  Get a new e-mail address.  ~Nothing says regret like the e-mail address you picked as a kid. :P
52.  Drink coffee.  ~I think I've had it before. 
53.  Carve a pumpkin.  ~Yeah I've never done it.  And it looks like so much fun!!!
54.  Take landscape photography and nature photography.  ~Like watch the sunrise and sunset and take pictures of it.
55.  Volunteer for the Pro-Life Cause.  ~There's this one thing I'm thinking of in particular.  It's a really cool event and I volunteered for it a couple years ago.
56.  Blow out all 18 candles.  ~I turn 18 in 103 days (I figured it out earlier today.) and sometimes we don't put the same number of candles as the age we're turning so yeah.  Preferably in one breath.
57.  See some of my friends on my birthday.  ~However it's a Tuesday so we'll see how that works.
58.  Climb a big rock.  ~Thanks to Ryan H. for this and the next idea.  :D
59.  Eat a large vegetable.  ~But not a cucumber.  I have something against cucumbers.
60.  Eat seven warheads at once.  ~Apparently this is a kind of candy.  Thanks to Jack M. for the idea. :D
61.  Go mountain biking.  ~Except there are no mountains where I live, so I can't do literal biking on a mountain so I'll try to bike on rugged terrain.  ;) Thanks to Matt S. for the idea.  :D
62.  Do a Harry Potter movie marathon.  ~I've only watched the first one.  This needs to happen.  Thanks to Matt V. for the idea. :D
63.  Do a skydive stimulator.  ~This would be fun.  And it's like a taste of what my bucket list of skydiving would be like.  Thanks to Renae R. for the idea. :D
64.  Blow a giant bubble out of bubble gum.  ~This is kind of hard.  I've watched people do it.
65.  Actually Finish this list.  :P ~I'm running out of ideas....
66. Go hiking with friends.  ~Anybody want to go hiking this summer?
67.  Send a messyge to Jordan and hopefully get it answered in a video.  ~This makes no sense unless you have watched Blimey Cow on youtube and more specifically Jordan's Messyges.  If you haven't, you should.  They're pretty funny.
68.  Make a music video.  Or a cover video.  ~I really want to do this and I think my sister would do it with me.  I wouldn't make a cover video of just me singing.  I'm not that good.... ;)
69.  Go Geo-caching.  ~This is fun. You should look up and try it too.  :D
70.  Have a water fight.  ~Like with the sprinkler, hose and water guns.
71.  Go on a picnic.
72.  Use glowsticks and sparklers.  ~They're fun.
73.  Go to a water park and go on the slides.
74.  Make a legit pie.
75.  Shopping for a day!
76. Go camping.  ~At least in the backyard.
77. Watch a movie outside at night.
78. Make lemonade.
79. Go to the movie with friends. 
80.  Star gaze
81.  Go see Christmas lights.  ~There's some places you can go and walk around and see a whole bunch of really pretty lights.  :)
82.  Play minecraft.  ~or some other such computer or video game that I'll be really bad at.
83.  Make homemade Christmas ornaments.  ~or I think it would be really fun to make a popcorn string.
84.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. 
85. Exercise more.
86. Take my little brothers to the park for an afternoon.
87.  Be a secret Santa for someone.
88.  Go apple picking ~or fruit picking of some sort.  ;)
89.  Go to a haunted house.  ~Actually I don't know if I want to go because I'm pretty sure I would scream a whole bunch and I don't want to do that.  So maybe a hayride.  Or watch a scary movie.
Last eleven!!! :D 
90.  Corn maze.  ~I think that would be super fun!
91.  Play dress up! ~This shouldn't be on  the list.  I do this more than I care to admit.
92.  Do something sportsy or athletic.  ~I'll think of something.  And this sounds really girly of me.
93.  Have a tea party with friends.  ~Yeah I'm different.  :)
94.  Have a silly string fight.  ~It looks like so much fun.  :D '
95.  Learn how to play a new instrument.  ~I reallllyyyyy want to play the ukelele but I don't have one.
96.    Paint!
97.  Put together a 1000 or so piece puzzle.  ~All by myself!
98.  Have a bonfire!
99.  Make something awesome in the kitchen.  ~Cake, cookies,  etc...
100. Sew something.  ~I was hoping for something more exciting but I can't think of anything else.

So I hope you enjoyed this and I urge you to do some of these things.  A lot of these things anyone can do, so try them and let me know how it goes! And feel free to give me feedback, comments or any other thoughts you may have.  I will try to make a blog post for everything on this list when I do it, so there may be 100 more blog posts from me this year! Yay! So have an Epic 2015!!! Goodbye for now! :)

~Jessi <3 :)

January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Hello people who read this blog! So you probably were wondering if I stopped blogging forever, but I am not gone from the blogging world!! I just tend to do other things that I enjoy more than blogging.  And I'm also busy doing stuff that's not more fun than blogging.  Like school.  :P  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year and I assure you that mine were quite nice.  Quite nice indeed.  So unfortunately, this is a rather short blog post since it's 11:00 at night and I have school tomorrow.  Bleh.  But I had to say that I am still blogging and say a couple other things.  First of all, I haven't forgotten about my promised blog posts.  They shall come eventually.  Second of all, I have another blog post in the works that is kinda like a New Year's resolution, but really it's a bunch of awesome things to do in 2015.  I had hoped on coming up with 365, but at the moment I only have about 40 and then I would have to do one every day and it's already December 6th.  So right now I'm shooting for 100 or 215.  (because it's like 2015 but without the zero;) Speaking of 2015, every time I've had to write the date this year, I've written 2015 and not 2014!! This is quite an accomplishment seeing as it normally takes a while to get used to writing the new year.  You should be proud of me.  ;)

And now I shall tell you a funny story that happened around Epiphany a few years ago.  So we were telling my little sister Caroline about Epiphany and the conversation went something like this:

My mom: So, on Epiphany, three wise men came to see Jesus and they brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 
Caroline: I thought the wise men came on camels.....????
 So my sisters, my mom and I start laughing :D
Mom:  Well then what do you think Epiphany is?
Caroline: A camel???

Hahaha! We thought it was very funny.  I'm sorry if you don't.  But anyways, Happy feast of Epiphany!  Technically it's today, (January 6th) but most Dioceses celebrate it on the Sunday nearest it. 

So  this ends this blog post.  Fare thee well.  I hope 2015 is even better for you than 2014 was! Kay, bye!