November 14, 2015

List of 100:#14

So, I'm really behind.  This list of 100 activity is from May. And I'm just now blogging about it.  *sigh* I will blog about everything from the list, just give me some time.  I'm a procrastinator.  And college is happening.  Better late than never, right? *nervous laugh* Anywho, here goes. 
 #14: Finish High School.

I DID IT! I GRADUATED. FOR REALS. We had a graduation mass and everything.  It was a beautiful mass and I did the reading. (yay for being brave #43;)   Highschool (and really school in general) was a long and arduous task.  There were moments of discouragement and moments of triumph.  "I laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob!!" (kudos to people who get that reference ;) But really I am so relieved to be out of highschool.  Homeschooling is definitely a different experience than "real school" but I'm really glad I was homeschooled.  (in fact I wrote about it in a college paper a few weeks ago.) Want some words of wisdom? Kay, try to always be happy and don't give up!! (So cliche right?) Well Graduating was awesome.  Except for the fact that I didn't know what I wanted to do. Yeah, it's really embarrassing not knowing what you want to do in college. But that's a whole other story.  All in all, it was an AWESOME DAY!!!! #YAYGRADUATING

Here are some pictures from the big day, Photos courtesy of Michael U, Maya V, and Lucy D.

The graduating girls before the mass.
Receiving my diploma from Fr. Angelo :)

 I present to you the graduating class of 2015!!!!!!

It's not graduation if you don't throw your cap into the air (;
With my wonderful parents who have supported me and helped me get through everything. <3

Me and one of my bestest friends and graduating buddy, Molly!!


Well, 6 months ago anyway.  Gosh, I'm behind......

More soon,


This is late, and also random, but randomly in August, my blog hit 148 PAGEVIEWS IN ONE DAY!  Maybe someone was stalking it, but hey, it's awesome! Thank you very much whoever you awesome people were.  Also, My blog hit 1,000 pageviews!!!  *CELEBRATION* Thank you for looking at this blog, even though I'm terrible at posting.  :) I shall blog again.  College is a thing now, so blogging's on the back burner.  Anyway, thank you again, and expect some more blog posts in the very near future.  :D


Proof of the 148 blog views.  :)

September 8, 2015

#18, #79, and #56

Hey guys! Sorry for being lame.  I haven't posted in over two months. Well that is changing now.  I shall attempt to sum up and blog about a whole bunch of random stuff that has happened since the last few blog posts.  It will happen in several different posts, because I'm a busy gal.  I'm sure you're all dying to hear how the whole "List of 100" has been going, so here we go.  ;)

#18-Go to at least 2 (at least semi)-formal dances.  Well on April 24th, I went to one! Yay!

Yes, my senior formal came upon us.  Yes, I took an insane amount of time to get ready;I'm a girl for crying out loud :D.  Yes, there was tons of hairspray and bobby-pins involved.

Selfies from getting ready.  Yay older sister for being awesome at hair-dos! #winning

Then off to the dance! I danced with lots of guys, and danced spectacularly to the line dances.  Well depends on your definition of spectacular ;) Hahaha but I had a fun time.

Me with one of my new friends, Felicity.  And me with one of my best friends since childhood, Molly.  :) And now for two more pictures.  They are both family pictures of me and my mother and siblings (long story) but the first one is more realistic.  ;)

This one cracks me up! Those dudes...

         The pictures are not cooperating, sorry.  Anyway, after the dance, my friend Eva had prepared a fabulous ceremony! We went over to a different building and she gave me a lovely purple flower  and gave a wonderful speech! It was the perfect ending to wonderful night!

<-----A "full-length" picture in my awesome purple dress!  (It was really spinny!) 

The purple flower in my hair (aka a good picture of my completed hairstyle)------->

#79 Go to the movies with friends: I watched Age of Ultron on May 2 with a lot of people, some who I didn't even know, but I got to hang out with friends I don't see very often.  #YAY #soawesome #newmovies

And for the last one for today.  #56-Blow out all 18 candles in one breath.  Guess what, I DID IT! Being a singer and learning how to use your diaphragm correctly really pays off.  ;) So on my actual birthday I didn't have cake.  :P I don't even remember what I had, but I think it was cookies and ice cream.  And sadly I didn't really hang out with my friends on my birthday... (goodbye #57) But I watched The Avengers(first one) with my sister and my dad, and R and I took selfies.  ;)

But on May 17th, we had family over and I had a cake. 

<--- Le me with 18-candle-lighted-cake.  And when the time came, I blew out all of them.  It's a strange thing to be proud of. 
Now in case you were wondering how many "list of 100" I have actually done, I won't tell you because it's a pathetic number.  :P But being the procrastinator I am, I will probably finish most of them by the end of 2015.  And if not, I'll try to finish the list next year.  ;) Well farewell for now.


Also, how is it september already? Summer was gone much too fast.....


June 20, 2015

Raspberry Smoothies!

Hey people who read my blog! I apologize for not posting, but I have better things to do in the summer... ;) lol I'm leaving today and I won't be back for like eight days, but when I come back, I have plenty of things to post about it so many blog posts!! (mwahahahahaha!)  Okay, until next time!


So, you're probably wondering at the name of this blog post, because it has nothing to do with raspberry smoothies, but it's because I had said deliciousness this morning, and I didn't want to make a boring title.  Raspberry smoothies is a much more eye-catching title don't you think? (;

May 11, 2015

The Pandora Challenge

heyo people....

So back in February, I was tagged to do this Pandora Challenge by  Anyway, I obviously didn't do it then and for two reasons: first, I didn't have a Pandora.  :P lame reason, whatever.  Also, it was during Lent, and I only listened to Christian music and I didn't want to do just Christian music.  BUT! Here it is.  My answers are slightly unsatisfying, but nonetheless, I have done it.

THE PANDORA CHALLENGE!  My Artist Will Be: Taylor Swift

What Is Your Name?  Uptown Funk-Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
It is.  Don't believe me, just watch!

Where Do You Live?  Bless the Broken Road-Rascal Flatts
On the broken road? Lol

What is Your Tagline? I really like you-Carly Rae Jepsen
I'm a happy person. I like everybody. (; 

Describe Yourself In One Phrase   Long Live-Taylor Swift
I'll live for a long time? lol

What Is 2 + 2?  Need You now-Lady Antebellum
I need your help! Lol jk

What Is Constantly On Your Mind?  Temporary Home-Carrie Underwood
This world is just my temporary home.  I'm hopeful to make it to heaven someday… :D

What Do You Like To Do?  Teardrops on My Guitar-Taylor Swift
Cry on the guitar? Dude, no.  I'm a piano gal! :D

What Is One Regret?  So Small-Carrie Underwood
I wish I was taller (; But really this is a good one for a deep comment.  Time flies and I should really focus on the important things.  I really procrastinate a lot.  :P

How Will You Die? Haunted-Taylor Swift
Dude, that's creepy. 

What Makes You Laugh?-Roar-Katy Perry
Katy Perry makes me laugh.  She's just weird lol…Actually she doesn't make me laugh

What Makes You Cry? I won't give up-Jason Mraz
Old love.  When you never give up on people.   :')

If You Could Go To One Place That Place Would Be? Style-T. Swift 
Somewhere stylish.  Or...the 1950's!!! 

Who Do You Like? Lips Are Movin-Meghan Trainor
People who talk, so I don't have to? lol not most of the time. 

How Do You Feel Right Now? Don't Forget to remember me-Carrie Underwood

Guys, if you don't remember me...I will beat you up with my shyness!

Any Last Words? The Heart wants what it wants- Selena Gomez
 Don't mess with it.   

The End.

Hope you enjoyed it! 

Jessi  (who is almost 18!! (wut))

Read the post I was tagged in here. 
See? I didn't forget. (; 
P.S. I like Spotify better.  
P.P.S. I was supposed to tag other blogs, but at the moment, I can't think of any other ones that haven't been tagged.  Sorry if I missed yours.  

April 17, 2015


Guys, bowling is really fun.  It just is.  As of yesterday, I had only bowled like two times for real, (I am a pretty good Wii bowler....;)  and I was younger so it wasn't a whole lot of fun.  BUT! Last night, after my sister got confirmed(which was really super awesome...,) my mom and my three sisters and I went to this bowling place with some of our friends.  It was really fun.  Even though I suck at bowling. (; Like seriously.  My ten-year-old sister beat me.  But at least I was having fun.  And there was good music and then crazy awesome disco lights.... :D And now i want to go bowling again! Maybe I should add that to the list of 100.... #listof101 (;
I'm such a party animal... (;


P.S. Watching our parish priest bowling was the best thing ever.  Especially when the disco lights came on. He hadn't bowled since college!  #Catholicfangirling (;

April 4, 2015


Hey! I'm back to the blogging world!  First of all, I'm sorry, because this blog-post's title is deceiving.  This post is not about ketchup.  In fact, I don't even like ketchup.  This post is merely a "catch-up" post.  (see where I got ketchup? ;)  I'm catching you up on some stuff that has happened in my life. 

I'll go back to the weekend of Valentine's Day, cuz that's when my last post was.  On February 13th, (my little brother's 2nd birthday btw,) I left for a retreat and I didn't get back until late Monday night.  This retreat was really awesome and much-needed.  I always seem to go to retreats and other such places right when I need a boost in the spiritual life.  ;D This retreat is in the middle of nowhere US, and it was an ALL GIRLS retreat.  Yep. That's right. No guys for like three days.  Except priests.  (and technically there were other guys at Mass but there were there for something else so no interaction.)  Lol, on the way to the retreat, me and the other three ladies in the vehicle ate almost an entire bag of kettle corn.  So on my Valentine's Day, there was a bunch of pretty snow, I got to do a ton of adoration and I got a rose from Jesus.  I met some new friends, and I got to hang out with my friends from home too. Much awesomeness.
 Having fun in the Kateri* room before a talk!  (*They pronounced it Cat-err-e. It annoyed us.)
 The chapel there is absolutely beautiful! It was really neat to go in for adoration there when it was completely silent and almost empty and the sun was shining through the stained-glass windows...A little taste of heaven.  On Monday aftternoon, it was time to go home.  

  A few pictures before we left.  {From L to R, top to bottom)  Me and Lydia, me and Emma, Gabriel (the boys came to get us), me and Lydia, and Emma and our new friend Mary.} And the way back home was very eventful.  It was snowing and the windshield wiper flew off the car, there was a whole lot of traffic which is why it took us almost twice as long to get home as normal, and I watched  most of "Guardians of The Galaxy."  I still haven't watched the rest of it.   And then I came back to find out that my family had been sick while I was gone, so luckily I didn't have to deal with that.  It was a lovely weekend.  #1 of my list of 100 completed! 
     Then, the next weekend, I went to this really awesome women's conference.  There was Mass, speakers, adoration, nuns, food... ;)We almost didn't go, because there was so much snow, but we braved the storm!! All our friends were suprised.  ;)  One of the speakers was this really cool guy named Dr.Edward Sri.  My sister and I bought one of his books, he was so good! :3 I wish I could go into detail about his talk, but i would probably ramble and then this post would be reeeaaaalllllyyyy long; just take my word, he was a really great speaker.  Then there were some nuns there and some of them were from the same order as Saint Faustina! With the funky veil and everything.  I think they were legitly polish. 
    The next weekend...I saw some of my friends Irish dance in a show! They are really good. I know a lot of people who irish dance.  It's very fascinating.

Kay, now March.  I went to see the new Cinderella movie in theaters with a friend who was back from college and some other friends.  I reallllyyy liked it. :) There is a picture of us at the theater, but it's on facebook and I can't go on there right now.  #lent #holyweek    Then the next day, I had a meeting to put together a yearbook for our co-op, and then I went to this awesome thing called Encounter.  It's like adoration and singing and talks and there's confession, and also socializing and happiness.  Like a mini retreat.  It's awesome. 

Ohh, ohhh ohhh! And also in March, I got some senior pictures taken!!! They're so cool!!  Everybody says I'm photogenic, but I don't feel photogenic when I get pictures taken.  I'll post a few on here.  Also, right now there's one on the blog, but it won't be there forever. 

And also in March, I went to a swing dance because swing dancing is awesome and also my friends were there.  :) Happiness.

And now it's the very end of Holy Week and tomorrow is Easter! A-e-u-a! Easter is the biggest church holiday.  Very much happiness and joyousness Have a very blessed Easter!


February 12, 2015

Of Valentine's Day

Hey guys! So I'll be gone for the entire weekend starting tomorrow so I thought I should post this early.  Umm I don't really have that much to say about Valentine's day except I have a poem that I wrote about Valentine's day a year and a half ago.  And some memes/picture things.  So yeah enjoy :)

I wrote this poem for a literature class because we had to write a satire.  I am rather proud of it.  Mostly.  Let me know if you like it :) 

Valentine's Day Satire

Of all the holidays throughout the year
The day of Valentine is much revered.
Valentine's Day can be enjoyed by all
Each individual will be enthralled.  
The Romeos armed with card and bouquet
Try to please their Juliets on this day.
Love is the theme when February's near
On the fourteenth all couples have good cheer.
The shops are filled with cards of white and red
Delicious cakes and sweets around are spread.
Romeo gives treats so she's not upset,
He loves a slightly wider Juliet.
Arrays of flowers in red, white and pink
And bottles of champagne for all to drink.
Juliet's flowers only last a week
His wallet shrinks; he's on a losing streak.
Beautiful jewels and diamond rings shine bright
They are so nice at the very first sight.
Juliet sees one and begins to gawk
Romeo sighs and buys his girl a rock.
Parting from this day brings such sweet sorrow.
Romeo needs some cash for tomorrow
And although each Juliet loves this day,
The Romeos do not want it to stay


 When i saw this, I was like Whaaaaatt???? But then I scrolled down and I was like Ohhhhhh.   

Like seriously? Where did that come from? *sighs*

I really love this :). It really puts things in perspective.  So have a very nice valentine's day.  :) Bye!

~Jessi <3

January 29, 2015

List of 100

CAUTION: This post is pretty long and was written when the author was tired from a long day.  The author tends to ramble when she is tired so keep that in mind.  Yeah okay.  End CAUTION.  

Hello people.  Happy 29th day of January.  It's also national puzzle day and national corn-chip day.  Yeah.  So anyway, this year I decided to make a list of random and awesome things to do in 2015.  It's like a bucket list  for one year.  But these are not impossible things for me like go skydiving or go to Europe or whatever.  These are things that could actually happen fairly easily if I actually try to do them.  And some of them are cheating because I know I will do them and they're already planned so I'll just go to them.  So now I will post all these ideas as  the rest of the blog post.  I plan to come up with 100 things but I don't have all of them but by the time I post this I will have finished it.  Even if I have to sit here at the computer for three hours.  ;) lol jk.  But I'll try to finish it.  I may take a hot-chocolate break though.  Seeing as this is 100 things, I will not be offended if you don't read all of them.  It's just for me to remember and then when I blog post about all of them, it will make sense.  BTW, they are in no particular order except mostly the order I thought of them in.  ;)  So without further ado, I bring to thee the list of 100.  :D

1.  Go to a retreat.   ~I'm actually going to one over Valentine's Day weekend.  :)
2.  Dress like I'm from the 1950's for a week.  ~It's my favorite time period so this is me fangirling over the style of the 50's... 
3.  Do manly things.  ~I'd prefer not to expand on this one but yeah.....
4.  Write a song for the piano.  ~I really love playing the piano but I'm bad at making up stuff/improv so this is an attempt to improve my talent.
5.  Write 3 short stories.  ~Short stories are actually harder to write than long stories for me.  All of my ideas are too in depth to be short stories.
6.  Read a 1,000+ page book.  ~This won't be too hard as my sister owns like five.
7.  Make a scrapbook for 2015.  ~So I can remember all the fun things I do this year.  This would be especially awesome to have if I go far away for college.
8.  Crochet a scarf and hat.  ~My crocheting abilities are meh but actually a friend taught me a new stitch today...
9.  Get a job.  ~Maybe at a yogurt place ;) ....This will only make sense to a few people  #dreams
10.  Have a LOTR movie marathon.  ~How awesome would this be?? Anybody want to come over?  Obviously we'd watch the extended edition.
11. Pet and hold a live gray bunny.  Or pet an owl.  ~This is me being weird.  But gray bunnies are the cutest.  And owls are awesome.
12.  Be the lead female role in a play.  ~This one is cheating because I got the lead female role for our drama's production.  Come see Get Smart in the early summer!! ;)
13.  Ride a Ferris wheel.  ~They are awesome.
14.  Finish High School.  ~I'm a senior, so this is happening but it's on the list anyway.
15.  Get my driver's license.  ~Honestly I'm nervous about this.  I feel like somebody needs to give me a pep talk about this... :P
16.  Make and bake a gingerbread house.  ~I have never made gingerbread, but I would settle for gingerbread men instead of a house.
17.  Superclean/Organize the house before my graduation party.  ~I actually like to clean because it makes everything...well...clean.  I'm a clean freak.
18.  Go to two semi-formal or formal dances.  ~I'm going to at least one....
19.  Go Ice Skating! ~This is super fun but I'd prefer to do it outside and not an indoor skating rink.
20.  Go to college.  ~Nuff said.
21. Meet 3-5 new friends.  ~Perhaps I should up this number because I've already met like two.
22.  Pull an all-nighter.  ~Stay up for 24 hours.  Anybody want to try and keep me awake?
23.  Paint my room.  ~It's white and boring.
24.  Ride a ride that costs extra money at this amusement park close to my house.  ~I'm keeping this one pretty vague because the people that read this blog that I don't personally know could look up the amusement park and it might be easier to find me.  #creepers
25.  Go bird-watching. ~I watched this bird movie once with a really good friend of mine and now I want to go bird-watching.  Call be a bird-brain, whatever..... ;)
26.  Go to the beach.  ~My dad and some of my family might go to Florida later this year, but if we don't then I won't be able to do this one....
27.  Increase my owl collection.  ~Yes I have a collection of owl things.  If I don't get married I'll be the crazy owl lady instead of cats... ;)
28.  Buy white-out.  ~This seems weird but you can't actually but white-out until you're 18.  At least that's what I heard.
29.  Learn how to play a new game.  ~I was thinking board game but any game will work.
30.  Watch a whole bunch of the old Disney movies.  ~Like The Lion King, The Sword in the Stone, Sleeping Beauty....etc.
31.  Meet a Religious sister.  ~I think it would be totally cool.
32.  Go to two concerts and bring a friend.  ~I have friends that haven't really been to concerts so I'll drag them along with me. 
33.  Drink sparkling cider.  ~It's sooo good and I only had it once last year...
34.  Take a whole bunch of pictures in 2015.  ~I normally don't take too many pictures but I want to take more and I want pictures of stuff this year.  I really like pictures.
35.  Make homemade apple cider.  ~Apple cider is the best hot drink.  I don't care if you are appalled at that statement.  It is.
36.  Go to a professional baseball game.  ~ Another cheater cuz my dad has tickets to one in 2015 and I'm going.
37.   Use at least three containers of bubbles over the summer.  ~I was once named the bubble queen.  Bubbles are happy.
38.  Get a new stuffed animal.  ~Nobody is too old for a new stuffed animal.  Although I will think of a decent name.  I'm kind of embarrassed about the names of the stuffed animals I own.
39.  Go Bowling.  ~I actually won a real bowling game once....
40.  Dip-dye my hair with Kool-Aid.  ~Apparently this works.
41.  Do a sharpie tattoo.  ~You can sharpie on your self and do something to it so it lasts a couple weeks.
42.  Use awesome vocabulary.  ~Wouldn't it be cool if people used words like voluminous and inconspicuous? I tend to like words that end in "ous."
43.  Be braver.  ~I always think of things that I can say but decide not to say them but it would have been cool to say them...yeah there's more I could say about this but I won't :)
44.  Wake-up for 2015.  ~This makes no sense unless you read my sister's blog:   Also all the rest of the blog-posts on her blog are spot-on.  I recommend them. 
45.  Dance in the rain.  ~I really love rain.  :)
46.  Get used to the sound of my voice :P  ~I really hate listening to my voice over recordings.  It makes me cringe.
47.  Learn how to play chess.  ~I literally don't even know.  I think I can name all the pieces though....
48.  Ride in a boat.  ~Like a boat with a motor.  But a rowboat would be fun too.
49.  Eat cotton candy.  ~I can't remember the last time I ate it.  It's kinda fun.
50.  Tie-dye a t-shirt.  ~I've never done it.


51.  Get a new e-mail address.  ~Nothing says regret like the e-mail address you picked as a kid. :P
52.  Drink coffee.  ~I think I've had it before. 
53.  Carve a pumpkin.  ~Yeah I've never done it.  And it looks like so much fun!!!
54.  Take landscape photography and nature photography.  ~Like watch the sunrise and sunset and take pictures of it.
55.  Volunteer for the Pro-Life Cause.  ~There's this one thing I'm thinking of in particular.  It's a really cool event and I volunteered for it a couple years ago.
56.  Blow out all 18 candles.  ~I turn 18 in 103 days (I figured it out earlier today.) and sometimes we don't put the same number of candles as the age we're turning so yeah.  Preferably in one breath.
57.  See some of my friends on my birthday.  ~However it's a Tuesday so we'll see how that works.
58.  Climb a big rock.  ~Thanks to Ryan H. for this and the next idea.  :D
59.  Eat a large vegetable.  ~But not a cucumber.  I have something against cucumbers.
60.  Eat seven warheads at once.  ~Apparently this is a kind of candy.  Thanks to Jack M. for the idea. :D
61.  Go mountain biking.  ~Except there are no mountains where I live, so I can't do literal biking on a mountain so I'll try to bike on rugged terrain.  ;) Thanks to Matt S. for the idea.  :D
62.  Do a Harry Potter movie marathon.  ~I've only watched the first one.  This needs to happen.  Thanks to Matt V. for the idea. :D
63.  Do a skydive stimulator.  ~This would be fun.  And it's like a taste of what my bucket list of skydiving would be like.  Thanks to Renae R. for the idea. :D
64.  Blow a giant bubble out of bubble gum.  ~This is kind of hard.  I've watched people do it.
65.  Actually Finish this list.  :P ~I'm running out of ideas....
66. Go hiking with friends.  ~Anybody want to go hiking this summer?
67.  Send a messyge to Jordan and hopefully get it answered in a video.  ~This makes no sense unless you have watched Blimey Cow on youtube and more specifically Jordan's Messyges.  If you haven't, you should.  They're pretty funny.
68.  Make a music video.  Or a cover video.  ~I really want to do this and I think my sister would do it with me.  I wouldn't make a cover video of just me singing.  I'm not that good.... ;)
69.  Go Geo-caching.  ~This is fun. You should look up and try it too.  :D
70.  Have a water fight.  ~Like with the sprinkler, hose and water guns.
71.  Go on a picnic.
72.  Use glowsticks and sparklers.  ~They're fun.
73.  Go to a water park and go on the slides.
74.  Make a legit pie.
75.  Shopping for a day!
76. Go camping.  ~At least in the backyard.
77. Watch a movie outside at night.
78. Make lemonade.
79. Go to the movie with friends. 
80.  Star gaze
81.  Go see Christmas lights.  ~There's some places you can go and walk around and see a whole bunch of really pretty lights.  :)
82.  Play minecraft.  ~or some other such computer or video game that I'll be really bad at.
83.  Make homemade Christmas ornaments.  ~or I think it would be really fun to make a popcorn string.
84.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. 
85. Exercise more.
86. Take my little brothers to the park for an afternoon.
87.  Be a secret Santa for someone.
88.  Go apple picking ~or fruit picking of some sort.  ;)
89.  Go to a haunted house.  ~Actually I don't know if I want to go because I'm pretty sure I would scream a whole bunch and I don't want to do that.  So maybe a hayride.  Or watch a scary movie.
Last eleven!!! :D 
90.  Corn maze.  ~I think that would be super fun!
91.  Play dress up! ~This shouldn't be on  the list.  I do this more than I care to admit.
92.  Do something sportsy or athletic.  ~I'll think of something.  And this sounds really girly of me.
93.  Have a tea party with friends.  ~Yeah I'm different.  :)
94.  Have a silly string fight.  ~It looks like so much fun.  :D '
95.  Learn how to play a new instrument.  ~I reallllyyyyy want to play the ukelele but I don't have one.
96.    Paint!
97.  Put together a 1000 or so piece puzzle.  ~All by myself!
98.  Have a bonfire!
99.  Make something awesome in the kitchen.  ~Cake, cookies,  etc...
100. Sew something.  ~I was hoping for something more exciting but I can't think of anything else.

So I hope you enjoyed this and I urge you to do some of these things.  A lot of these things anyone can do, so try them and let me know how it goes! And feel free to give me feedback, comments or any other thoughts you may have.  I will try to make a blog post for everything on this list when I do it, so there may be 100 more blog posts from me this year! Yay! So have an Epic 2015!!! Goodbye for now! :)

~Jessi <3 :)