September 29, 2014

Pointless post....

So earlier today, I wrote a lovely blog-post, but it didn't post, and only part of it saved, so I deleted the rest of it in a "fit" of anger.  ;) So this blog post shall be very short because I'm not going to re-write my post about coffee.  (happy international coffee day!) Instead I shall give to thee a small sneak peek into what's coming up soon on Purple Effervescence.  (that sounds like a commercial....) First of all, I shall be writing a big long post about fandoms and nerdiness.  Let me know by commenting (hint, hint, hint) what fandom or nerd-material you would like me to include.  I shall be covering quite a few, but all fandom/nerdiness can not be combined into one blog post since there are wayyyyy to many to count.  So if you want me to talk about your fav fandom....COMMENT!! Also I will be blogging about music in the near yeah.  Thank you for reading this pointless post. 

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