September 29, 2014

Pointless post....

So earlier today, I wrote a lovely blog-post, but it didn't post, and only part of it saved, so I deleted the rest of it in a "fit" of anger.  ;) So this blog post shall be very short because I'm not going to re-write my post about coffee.  (happy international coffee day!) Instead I shall give to thee a small sneak peek into what's coming up soon on Purple Effervescence.  (that sounds like a commercial....) First of all, I shall be writing a big long post about fandoms and nerdiness.  Let me know by commenting (hint, hint, hint) what fandom or nerd-material you would like me to include.  I shall be covering quite a few, but all fandom/nerdiness can not be combined into one blog post since there are wayyyyy to many to count.  So if you want me to talk about your fav fandom....COMMENT!! Also I will be blogging about music in the near yeah.  Thank you for reading this pointless post. 

September 10, 2014

Another post!!!

Hey look! It's me! I didn't fall off the face of the blog world...Seriously though, I have other important things to do.  I may be homeschooled, but I have a social life and stuff.  ;)

Speaking of being homeschooled, this time of the year, people are starting school.  I personally do not like school.  None of it. I don't have a favorite subject.  Unless you count music and for me that's not really school.  I've never liked it when people ask me what my favorite subject is.  Math?'s okay. I wouldn't want to be a math teacher, but I get pretty good grades.  Science? Again I get good grades in it, but science is definitely not my "subject of choice." English/writing?  Definitely not.  In every single way, NO.  If I could, I would never write a paper again.  In fact I don't enjoy most writing at all.  Which is funny cuz I'm writing on this blog.  ;) So for me, school is not a fun thing.  I know, most of you probably don't like school either, but most likely at least some of you can answer the favorite subject question more easily.  However, school is interesting sometimes.  For example, if you ever are laying down and then you stand up suddenly and you get lightheaded, you can get annoyed at your negative feedback system not working fast enough.  Also there were actually people named Quetzalcoatl and Cuauhtemoc.  Also there are a lot of awesome sounding words that start with "p."  I seriously dare you to go tell your mother (or sister) that she is pulchritudinous.  Right now.  Don't worry; this post will still be here when you get back.  Also, pulchritudinous means physically beautiful so you're not insulting them or anything.  :) So there are some fun parts of school after all...

So although this time of the year school starts, fall also starts!! Yes fall is an awesome season.  I don't really have a favorite season because I like all of them...except winter because where I live it can be very annoying.  :p  Anyway, here are some awesome things about fall: the beautiful colors of all the leaves, hot apple cider, (that stuff is sooo good) hoodies and boots (yeah I'm a girl ;), walks in the woods, bonfires, pumpkin bread and pumpkin seeds ;), cooler weather and Thanksgiving! Also carving pumpkins would probably be fun, but I don't think I've ever carved a pumpkin.  I know shocking right? We never have enough time to carve them before they go bad.  Normally on Halloween our pumpkins are out on the front porch plain and orange.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but someday I will carve ten pumpkins and one of them will be carved like a minion.  Perhaps I shall speak of my "mini obsession" with minions one day, but for now, I shall conclude this post.  Have a nice school year/fall! And now you should go comment on this post with one of your favorite words and your favorite thing about fall.  Kay? Thanks.