July 21, 2014

Tree eating devices and fun stuff!

   I've always liked trees.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those "tree-hugger" people that wants to save planet earth.  Although planet earth should be saved.  It's the only planet with chocolate after all. ;) But trees are good.  Shade is a very helpful thing in the summer and trees provide plenty of it.  And let's face it.  Trees are pretty.  They make very good backgrounds in pictures and trees help us breathe.  So yeah, there's plenty of good things good about trees and I haven't even mentioned all of them! Anyway my whole point with this is that today a tree service came to our neighborhood and chopped down two trees.  Well probably more, but two trees that were right across the street from us.  Anyway they chopped down these trees that were very tall and they both fell basically right into our driveway.  I'm just glad they asked us to move our car, because it probably would have been crushed.  So they cut down the trees with chainsaws (*gasp*) and cut the tree into smaller pieces.  And then....then....they put the branches into a crazy tree-eating monster machine.  A thick piece of wood one second, millions of tiny wood chips the next.  It was very fascinating.  I watched them do that for like ten minutes and really it only took them that long to get rid of one tree.  So now there is less shade in my neighborhood.  In fact there will be a lot less because a bunch of trees have to get chopped or else we'd have uneven sidewalks and a terrible road.  Although....we already have some uneven sidewalk and our road is horrendous, so really it doesn't make much difference. But it doesn't matter what I think.  The trees are going/gone.  There are perks to having no sidewalks I suppose.


 One tree when it was first cut down.....
 And after most of the tree was eaten...like ten minutes later..... :3 lol

Moving on from trees..... ;) So I feel like there are some things that if you don't do them, you're un- American.  Of course that's not true, but seriously, what American hasn't had a hot dog? Anyway, I feel like going to a fair during the summer is one of those things that the majority of Americans do.  Either participate in one, or at least go to a fair.  But, shockingly I've never been to one.  Like a real fair with animals and funnel cake and a Ferris wheel and other fair-type stuff.  But never fear!! It shall be remedied tomorrow! That's right ladies and gentleman.  I'm going to a real fair.  Score!!!

  Speaking of fun stuff, I'm going on a family vacation! With my family of course.  ;)  We shall be going east-ish to a significant-ish place.  It shall be very fun I do believe.  We may go see animals.  At a zoo! *gasp* Haha!  Just wanted to let all of you know because I won't be writing a blog post when I am gone.  Although even if I was here, I probably wouldn't write one, because I am very bad about writing posts frequently.  In case you hadn't noticed.... But that's alright because it's my blog and I don't have to write frequently.  And I don't have to apologize either, so don't even make me.  ;)

Anyway, that's all for now folks! (If you know what I'm referencing, then bravo!)   :)

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