July 1, 2014

Babysitting, Bugbites and Boyscouts

So the other day, I babysat these two little boys.  While I was babysitting them, I realized a couple of things. 

1~Pushing someone on the swings gets very tiring after a while
2~Mosquitoes love me
3~Moving is very complicated
4~I would make a terrible boy scout

And now I shall elaborate because those things are kinda vague.  Number 1:  So I was pushing this little boy on the swings for, I kid you not, 15 straight minutes.  15!! And then later I pushed him more.  Who would've thought a 4-year-old boy could be entertained by just swinging in the swing for so long?  He was pretty much quiet for the whole thing too.  But when you push someone in the swings for that long you will get tired.  At least that's what happens to me.  Moving on.

Number 2: Mosquitoes are terrible.  I really hate them. They will bite you and then you're itchy for a really long time.  I am positive a mosquito bites me and says "Hey that was really awesome! I'm gonna go invite all my friends and we can have a party! Food for everyone!"  The following picture sums up my feelings for mosquitoes.

Number 3: My family and I have always lived in the same state.  And we've only had three houses and they've all been very close to each other.  So whenever we moved, it wasn't a big deal since we could take as many trips as we want to move our stuff and our friends helped out too.  But the people I was babysitting, were moving out of state.  Far away.  And there were quite a few problems.  Like the van they rented was too small for all their belongings.  So anyway, I feel sorry for people who have to move a lot.  Far away. 

Number 4: I am not directly related to any boy scouts, but I do have some friends who are.  But I would make a terrible boy scout.  Besides the obvious reason that I am a girl and so a girl "boy scout" is contradictory and makes no sense,  there are many reasons including: I can't build a fire and I couldn't tell you what poison ivy looks like.  I mean there's that saying for poison ivy "Leaves of three, let them be."  But that's not helpful.  I've seen poison ivy, but if nobody told me it was poison ivy, I probably wouldn't be able to tell.  Luckily, despite my complete lack of knowledge on the subject of poison ivy, I have never gotten it.  No itchy rashes for me! :D Somehow I came out with the good side of the bargain.  But you shouldn't trust me with leading a hiking group in the woods.

So if you ever babysit, be sure to put on lots of bug spray and make sure you know what poison ivy looks like.  It may help you out sometime.  


  1. I was laying in the grass once and my mom told me to get up otherwise I would get eaten by mosquito. I grinned up at her and told the mosquitoes that it was an "all you can eat" buffet. Strangely I didn't get any bites that day. :)

    1. Wow! That's impressive! I feel like every time I go outside I get bitten :P